A man playing a guitar.
Obadiah has not played outside of the camp due to coronavirus restrictions. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji

Obadiah always had a passion for music, having learned several instruments back home in DRC. Since he arrived at Dzaleka, he has been honing his talent. “When I sing, I forget all the bad things and get hopeful for the future,” he says as he tunes his guitar. By playing at festivals and events within the camp, Obadiah has met artists from Lilongwe who invited him to play alongside them during festivals.

COVID-19, of course, put an end to that, but he still plays. “I have still been practising and I am hoping that I can get back to performing soon when this [pandemic] is over,” he says. Using the music as his escape, Obadiah is now telling the story of how he left the chaos behind.