“Refugee for Life” is the story of Innocent Magambi, born a refugee who lived his first 27 years in five refugee camps all across East Africa. In his book Innocent chronicles his life growing up ad a displaced person. He talks about the frustration of trying to make a home in his native Burundi only to be chased out by violence and experience the insecurity of living in a host country at war with its citizens. His story is an account of the refugee’s constant struggle and challenge of escaping the protective but confining boundaries of the refugee camp and discover life as a person fully functional and integrated in the society.

Innocent candidly tells how his journey shaped his faith in God as he endured profound loss and overwhelming hardships. He also shares how his experiences influenced the mission and values of the refugee non-profit he found, There is Hope

Inno’s hope is that by telling his story he will help dispel myths concerning the purpose, predicaments, and prospects of displaced people, as well as giving you a personal view of what it is like to grow up nationless.

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